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VFLC20IN32P/VFL20IN32N Empire Loft VF Millivolt Fireplace 20,000 BTU

VFLC20IN32P/VFL20IN32N Empire Loft VF Millivolt Fireplace 20,000 BTU

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The unique Loft Series Fireplace includes a Loft burner in a compact system. This versatile unit installs as a zero-clearance vent-free fireplace or as an insert in an existing fireplace.  

Rated at 20,000 Btu input for the VFL20 and 28,000 for the VFL28, the 99-percent efficient Loft Fireplace will quickly warm your living space - and grab your attention.  A special 10,000 Btu model is also available for bedroom applications, where allowed by local codes.

Choose the Millivolt system and select one of seven control options – from a simple wall switch to a thermostat remote to the ultimate programmable remote.  Or choose the Intermittent Pilot system, which includes a variable flame-height remote control with integral thermostat.  

Finish your fireplace installation with one of Empire’s two distinctive decorative fronts.  The ultra-clean frameless tempered glass front features rounded and polished edges and a silk screened black border. With its minimally visible hardware, the glass pane “floats” in front of the fireplace.  

For a more traditional look, choose the simple, elegant black metal frame with glass panel.  This four-sided frame, with its 1 3/4-inch depth, provides the perfect transition to drywall, tile, or other material.  

Installed as an insert, your Loft system will require the three-sided decorative surround.  Like the four-sided frame, this surround measures 1 3/4-inch deep and makes a clean transition from an existing fireplace. To help conceal a large hearth opening, Empire also offers a 48 x 36-inch shroud, for use in conjunction with the decorative surround.


Vent Free, Millivolt, Black Porcelain Liner, 20,000 BTU

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