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VFS32FB0F Breckenridge VF Firebox Select 32" Flush Face

VFS32FB0F Breckenridge VF Firebox Select 32" Flush Face

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Breckenridge Select fireboxes feature a tall, deep stage for the log set, yet have compact outer dimensions and a low-profile top and bottom. The visual effect is a lot more fireplace with less of the firebox face showing.

The Breckenridge Select has no lower louvers, allowing it to be installed at floor level, yet still provides the benefit of a recirculating firebox with optional blower. The low floor height allows installation at or near floor level, for a natural, integrated look that creates the illusion of a site-built fireplace – at a fraction of the cost.

All our fireboxes feature hem-bent seams that provide a better seal while eliminating dozens of screws and fasteners. The result is a lighter, more rigid box that’s easier to install.

Select 32", Flush Face

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